If you want to see weightlifters or athletes in your studio, you have to give them what they need. Invest in commercial or professional grade weightlifting equipment. Choose products that are made by well-known gym equipment manufacturers to ensure that they are durable, able to withstand regular use by various individuals.

Free Weights

Free weights aren’t attached to a machine or stationary object. Most beginning weightlifters start with free weights when doing strength training because they are simpler and less intimidating to use. But for you to cater to individuals of various shapes, sizes, and fitness levels, it is wise to invest in various (if not all) kinds of free weights. Your gym should offer dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, weight plates, and sandbags.

Racks and platforms

For the safety of athletes and weightlifters as well as the organization of the fitness studio, be sure to buy racks and platforms. There are seven main types of racks and platforms for weightlifting. While all of them let users perform a core set of movements, they vary in terms of features. Most gyms have power racks or cages since they can accommodate more and heavier types of weights.

Weight machines

Stack machines and plate loaded machines are two common types of machines used by weightlifters. Stack machines are appealing to beginners because they are easy to use and don’t need to be adjusted thoroughly. Meanwhile, plate loaded machines are for those who want to stay in control about exactly how much weight they want to lift.

Medicine balls

A medicine ball is also a type of weightlifting equipment that focuses on improving balance and coordination. It may not be as heavy as free weights equipment, but it is effective in challenging the body and targeting different muscles. Adding medicine balls in your gym allows your members to do some variations or make their workouts more interesting.