If you are serious about your strength training and have a specific goal to achieve, maybe it is time to invest some money in getting a set of standard weight plates for your daily workout session. Now it may sound easy, but this purchase is definitely one that will get your head in a tizzy, considering the sheer types of weight plates that are available online. So here is a nifty little guide to help you pick out the right combination in accordance with the type of weight lifting you intend to engage in:

Olympic weight plates

These are available in a standard size that is acceptable across the fitness and weight lifting industry. These plates sport a center hole with a 2 inch diameter and will fit all bars and plate loading equipment that you will find in commercial gyms.

Standard weight plates

These plates are designed for home gym users and do not follow standard dimensions like their Olympic counterparts. Standard weight plates carry a 1-inch diameter center hole and will only fit special bars and equipment that are designed for them to be used in combination with. You cannot expect these to work with regular weight lifting equipment.

Studio weight plates

This variety caters to an even more specific niche. These weight plates are smaller in size, rubber coated, and have a 30mm center hole, special handles and brighter colors. Studio plates are thus, easier to identify and are typically used in group exercise sessions like the Les Mills’ body pump where lifting heavy weights is not a regular feature.

Your choice of weight plates will therefore, depend upon the kind of training you are interested in and how many people will be using the plate for working out. Keep these factors in mind when selecting from the various types of weight plates available online.