Pull ups are a great exercise format for building upper body strength and overall stamina. They also help in reducing fat, shaping your upper limbs and in improving the overall muscle growth in your body. But there will come a time during the course of your workout that your overall body weight will stop posing a large enough challenge in a pull-up session. This is the time when a weight lifting belt will come in handy for you. This reliable, comfortable, and durable belt will help increase the resistance and challenge levels that your upper body will face during a workout session, thereby ensuring that your training regime progresses forward without any hindrances.

Chin-ups or pull up exercises are usually performed in the traditional way, with you suspended from an overhanding bar with the help of a narrow underhand grip or a wider shoulder width grip on which you pull yourself up and lower yourself down to the floor in synchronized repetitions. The routine works on lateral back muscles and biceps and helps in building upper body strength in such a format that you can pull and carry your own weight forward on your hands alone.

A dipping belt or weight lifting belt comes into play when you reach a level where lifting your own weight on your wrists becomes a comfortable task for you. This is where the belt is utilized to add additional weight to your stance, thereby giving your wrists, arm muscles, and upper body a bigger challenge to carry and overcome. With the belt loaded with weights, you assume the proper chin up or pull up position whereby you are hanging from the overhead bar with your arms extended straight over your head. At this point, the weight lifting belt will be dangling between your legs, adding more weight to the exercise. From here onwards, the move is pretty much conventional – you pull yourself up by folding your arms by your elbows till your chin reaches the bar. Then you slowly lower yourself down and assume the initial position.

Doing rigorous repetitions with progressive weight increase on your weight lifting belt can send your upper body strength through the roof. So what do you say – wish to give this challenge a try?