You will be hard put to find a cardio workout as comprehensive and demanding as a few minutes on a cardio rowing machine. Torching over 300 calories while firming up your upper body – now that is a killer workout combo that very few equipment can offer. Rowing is an exercise that equally works your upper and lower bodies while demanding high levels of cardiovascular fitness and extreme endurance for you to blast out rep after rep on a rowing machine. Need more reasons to get one in your gym? Let’s explore:

One of the biggest benefits of using a cardio rowing machine is the calorie burn that you will be able to achieve with it. The added resistance from the flywheel promotes muscle activation and allows users to enjoy a continued calorie burn, even after your workout is complete. The machine is set up to enable users to enjoy HIIT – high-intensity interval training – in which a session is divided between high and low-intensity activity to achieve better results from the workout. Cardio rowing machines also use virtually every muscle group in your body without putting an unhealthy amount of pressure on your joints. You can use it to work your legs, hips, and buttocks with each stroke and build upper body strength by exercising back shoulder and arm muscles. The activity’s nature is such that it will engage your core in each stroke you put in on the machine – thereby giving you the most comprehensive cardio workout you could have hoped for in a gym setting!

The idea of burning an insane number of calories and toning tough-to-target body parts while sitting down – now that is genuinely intriguing! So go ahead and get a cardio rowing machine for your gym. These are benefits that you NEED to enjoy in your everyday fitness regime.