When it comes to lifting weights and building muscles, dumbbells have an essential role to play. You can perform numerous movements with the help of dumbbells and tone your body in the manner you want. Dumbbells can also be used effectively during any form of interval training where you can pair up your workout with circuit training, CF training, or any other forms of exercise.

Upon exploring the best dumbbells for your home or gym, you will come across the following types:

  1. Fixed rubber dumbbells:

In fixed rubber dumbbells, the weights at the end of the equipment are fixed, and they remain in the same position. You cannot move these dumbbells, nor can you adjust the same. They are very common in commercial gyms.

  1. Fixed urethane dumbbells:

They are similar to rubber dumbbells and have a fixed weight attached to them. The only point of difference between the two is that these dumbbells are more durable than their counterparts.

  1. Adjustable dumbbells:

As the name suggests, these dumbbells can be adjusted. You can change the weights in these dumbbells by adding or removing different plates. These dumbbells are very similar to a standard barbell. You can make the use of adjustable dumbbells in different kinds of movements with different weights. Do not forget to put a lock at the end while adjusting the weight.

  1. Studio dumbbells:

These dumbbells are mainly used in classes taught by gym instructors and trainers. They are mostly used for other forms of exercise as well. For this reason, the overall weight of these dumbbells is lower than the different types available in the market. Another difference between studio dumbbells and other dumbbells is that they do not come with a steel handle. On the contrary, the dumbbells are wholly made up of rubber.

  1. Kettlebells:

This is a unique kind of dumbbell that could be used in different kinds of workouts. The shape of these dumbbells is distinctively different when compared to the others. They are very versatile equipment. They could be considered a category of their own. These dumbbells are ball-shaped, and they come with a handle on the top.

You can buy the best kind of dumbbell for your home gym and workout at home after learning about the different movements associated with the use of dumbbells.