The benefits of exercise are highly acknowledged by all and it is easy to achieve goals with the help of various equipment. Exercise bikes are hugely popular equipment for pursuing fitness regardless of age or sex. They are deemed to be a hassle free way to shed those extra pounds.

With the numerous options available, it is easy to get overwhelmed while buying a good exercise bike.  The following aspects will help to choose the perfect exercise bike.

  • Types of exercise bikes

Firstly, one needs to know the types of bikes available in the market and the exact role they perform, to make an informed choice. There are different bikes based on the resistance they use such as magnetic resistance and air resistance. Each of them has its own advantage.

  • Seating position

There are two types of seating positions in bikes- upright and recumbent position. Upright bikes are cost effective, less restrictive, more versatile, and would be the same as riding an outdoor bike. It has to be avoided by people with back pain issues. Whereas recumbent bikes offer comfortable seating, where the person stays reclined, and the back is well supported. The calories burnt are almost equal in both of them.

  • Mandatory features to look for

Some features that are must haves are broader pedals with some sort of strapping. Bikes with various resistance levels, and a built in computer to show basic statistics like speed, heart rate, etc., are an added advantage.

  • Weight of the bike and weight limit

The heavier the bike, the more stable it is. If the bike is wobbly, it is likely to cause injury.  And the cyclist has to make sure that they do not weigh above the weight limit of the bike.

  • Noise

Some bikes produce excessive noise, and it is based on the type of resistance. Magnetic bikes are less noisy. Air bikes emit more noise while pedaling at higher speeds as it blows air.

  • Space concerns

If the person has a limited space to store the exercise bike, a foldable option can be considered as it can be folded away after use.

The above consolidated information can give a general idea on the aspects one needs to assess before investing in a bike. There are exercise bikes for all kind of cyclers- professional cyclists or for regular workouts, therefore everyone can find a bike to suit their needs.