Pregnancy is all about celebrating the happiness of a new-born with your family. At the same time, pregnancy is also about gaining a lot of weight. Many women gain incredible weight during their pregnancy. It later becomes a little hard for them to shed off the extra gains. But fret not, we have got you covered. You can always spend on a treadmill for sale and use this equipment to work wonderfully on your body.

You may opt for an aerobic workout on a treadmill. Many treadmills for sale offer diverse aerobic programs to choose from. Such an exercise may also help you lose fat from all the stubborn areas of your body.

You can buy the best-quality treadmill for sale and design your plan to workout on the same. Walking and running on the treadmill are considered to be good options for starters. However, after a while, you must work on some changes and increase your intensity to work out on this equipment. Start with light walks and runs for the first few weeks, and then you may proceed to an interval training on your treadmill for sale:

  1. Stretch your body for about 10 minutes such that it prepares itself for a good deal of workout.
  1. Begin with a pace that makes your heart rate rise. However, the pace shouldn’t be too much right from the beginning. You may slowly increase the pace stressing your body harder. Do not go beyond something that makes you run out of your breath.
  1. Take a two-minute break and then begin with a speed or hill interval. You may as well add 1 percent inclined to this arrangement in the upcoming days of working out on the treadmill.
  1. Recover for two minutes while maintaining the incline. You may lower it if you are facing difficulty in breathing.
  1. Return to the speed/hill interval. Now, this also calls for increasing your incline level by a little bit. You may take breaks for two minutes each time you feel drained while maintaining this position.
  1. Lower your pace to 3.0mph in the first minute, 2.5mph in the second, and then keep lowering the incline by 1 percent every half a minute.
  1. Cool down and return to the pace of 2.5mph in tandem with 0.5 inclines for the first 2 minutes. Give yourself a 3-minute pace without an incline.

The above-listed post-pregnancy exercise is the perfect solution to all your weight gain problems. Buy the best treadmill for sale and begin working out now.

About the Author:

This article is written by Roland Steyn, the Director of MiFitness. MiFitness is one of South Africa’s most trusted online suppliers of home-use and commercial gym equipment. They supply a wide range of high-quality exercise equipment for home and corporate use.