Elliptical trainer machines can be used by children and adults alike.In these machines, there arefewer chances of injury ascompared to a treadmill.

Here are some tips for finding the best elliptical trainer for sale.


While buying an elliptical trainer for sale, consider a machine with big pedals. This will provide the comfort and feel of a normal walking exercise.


Flywheel- The flywheel of the elliptical trainer can be placed at the front, middle, or back. Mostly, the flywheels placed at the back consume more space. According to your room, you can buy afront or middle flywheel that consumes less space.

Portability- Some machines are portable and can be folded into half. This helps maximize the space in our home gym or room.


There are many features like grip-mounted heartbeat monitors and large displays that should be considered.The display provides information regarding our pulse, speed, distance, calories burnt, and may also have an inbuilt speaker to play our favorite music. They may have up to 20 levels of electric resistance that increases the intensity of our workout. There is also a feature called incline ramp that helps us increase intensity. It also helps in the toning of a specific group of muscles.

Additional features

Sometimes, an elliptical trainer for sale comes with extra features like built-in fans and water bottle holders. Theyhelp us feel more comfortable during our workout sessions.


Choose a heavy machine that has a warranty on all parts of the ellipticaltrainer. Some machines come witha life-time warranty on the frame and brakes.


The biggest advantage of a sale is that we can get up to 50% off on many items. A machine for less than R18000/- will be a steal. These machines are mostly priced in the heavier range so choose accordingly.


While shopping online, do not forget to check the reviews and rating of the product and the seller. If possible buy from a trusted brand. There can be duplications in the market and therefore it is necessary to check the ratings.

These are few tips for buying an elliptical trainer machine for sale.