Treadmills are popular exercise equipment that comes with several advantages for your overall fitness. You may stumble upon a variety of treadmills in the market and pick the best one for your home gym. Two of the most popular types of treadmills are standard treadmills and folding treadmills.


  1. Standard treadmills:

These treadmills are strong, sturdy, and stable machines that could not be folded when not in use. When compared to the folding treadmills, they cost you a little more. This is because standard treadmills stand out in terms of quality and include a more reliable motor power that gives you stability while working on this equipment.

Standard treadmills include features such as a motor, roller, belts, and frame’s steel. You may not find all these features in a folding treadmill. Standard treadmills could be used by one and all. Even if you are too heavy, you don’t have to worry about wobbling while using this type of treadmill.


  1. Folding treadmills:

Folding treadmills are so much in fashion today. As the name suggests, you may fold these treadmills and store them when not in use. The folding nature of such machines doesn’t make them unstable. Just like the standard treadmills, folding treadmills, too, offer stability. However, the range of stability in such a treadmill is a little inferior compared to the former.

Folding treadmills come in various features and programs. Some of these features are very basic, while others are advanced features such as advanced designs, calorie counter, heart-rate monitor, etc. A folding treadmill is further available in two variations – folding motorized treadmills and folding manual treadmills.


  1. Standard treadmills v. Folding treadmills – which one to buy?

Both the standard and folding treadmills equally include many advantages as well as some disadvantages. If you are buying a treadmill for your commercial gym, we suggest you go with a standard treadmill. You may use a folding treadmill for home so that you may fold and store it when not in use. Standard treadmills may cost you more money than folding treadmills. Both have varied features and specifications, and picking the best one among them is solely your choice.


About the Author:

This article is written by Roland Steyn, the Director of MiFitness. MiFitness is one of South Africa’s most trusted online suppliers of home-use and commercial gym equipment. They supply a wide range of high-quality exercise equipment for home and corporate use.