Shua Life-Time Warranties

Treadmill Categories

Domestic Treadmills

Any Shua treadmill with a 1.5HP CHP Motor or less
Any Shua Treadmill with a 2.5CHP DC Motor or Less

Light Commercial / Entry Level Commercial Treadmill
* Ideal usage: Hospitality, Private Training Studios etc

Any Treadmill with 2.5CHP AC Motor or less

Shua Commercial Treadmills

Any Shua Treadmill with 3CHP AC Motor or more

What is the Shua Life-Time Warranty

The Shua Life-Time warranty covers the life-time of the treadmill, which is deemed to be 5 years. This does not mean a treadmill will only last 5 years, in all likelihood it will last much longer, provided the treadmill is properly maintained during its lifespan.

Generally we advise our customers to replace treadmills after 5 years to avoid higher maintenance costs. The warranty covers the acceptable lifespan of the treadmill parts, which will be discussed further

What is covered by the Shua Life-Time Warranty:

– 5 Years on AC Motors
– 5 Years on Inverters (excludes power surges)
– 5 Years on Rollers and Bearings
– 3 Years on Running Deck
– 3 Years on the Running Belt

* These warranties cover parts, not labour.

What is not covered:

– Product misuse, i.e. using the product for the purpose not intended, or using the product outside of its design capabilities.

– Water Damage

– Damage to the treadmill due to negligence

– Damage as a result of not maintaining the treadmill adequately

– Labour is not covered under the warranty

What treadmills are not covered by the Shua life-time warranty

* Shua Domestic Treadmills with DC Motors are not covered by the Shua Life Time Warranties, and normal Shua warranties apply

What treadmills are covered by the Shua life-time warranty

* Shua Treadmills with AC motors are covered by the Shua Life Time Warranty. The Shua Life Time Warranty only applies when the treadmill is used for the right purpose. If a domestic treadmill is used for commercial purposes, the warranty will not apply.

Responsibility of the customer

For the life-time warranty to apply, the treadmills need to be serviced at least once a year by a MiFitness technician, or an accredited MiFitness technician. If the treadmill receives high usage it should be serviced more often due to the added wear and tear on the treadmill. The treadmill would need more frequent lubrication on the running deck.

It is up to the customer to arrange servicing when needed. Service charges are not covered under the warranty.

The life-time warranty does not cover mis-use, flooding, lightning strikes, power surges, or any other reason that may damage a treadmill.

Proof of purchase is required for the Shua Life-Time Warranty