Let’s face it – cardio isn’t all that fun. Unless you are a constant runner or a pro athlete, chances are that 30 minutes of a full throttle cardio workout can get you wheezing and gasping for air. But most gyms and fitness regimes insist that you put in at least 30 minutes for this form of exercise to maintain your stamina and heart health. Thankfully, there are cardio equipment that you can turn to that require less effort and time to get more and better results from each workout session. In fact, these equipment can even help you shed a few inches of extra flab! Here is all you need to know about effective cardio equipment for weight loss:

The treadmill

You would think that a run-of-the-mill treadmill is just meant for warming up your body; think again. Have you ever used the incline feature that most of these machines offer? Adding a tough gradient to your walking routine can really take it out of you, both in terms of the stamina and strength needed to pull through the 30 minutes cardio routine and the strenuous workout your legs and thighs will be getting. There can be no better way to shape your ankles, calves, thighs and buttocks.

The assault air bike

No one gets off one of these thinking “that was easy”. The Assault Air bike is designed to create maximum resistance in your biking workout and you know what that means – major weight loss! This bike is designed to run without a motor. However it does sport a fan in its front wheel that create wind resistance as you pedal away to glory. The harder you push your legs, the tougher this workout will become, that’s the beauty of it.

The Stair Climber

Climbing a never ending set of stairs is not pleasant, but it is effective, especially when you consider the cardio and fat burning effects of the workout. This machine gets you to put all your weight on a single leg as you get from one stair to the next in a lunge-like movement while you work against gravity and try to push your body upwards. The weight loss and stamina building benefits of such a movement are staggering.

So what are you waiting for? Head to these machines in your gym and get started with a more potent cardio workout regime that comes with weight loss benefits on the side.