A Quick Guide to Buy Weight Plates

Fitness enthusiasts who are now looking into weight training will have to consider buying a set of weight plates to help achieve their goals. And this purchase can turn out to be a tad bit complicated if the buyer isn’t aware of what options are available out there and which type of plate works with which kind of equipment. This blog post will give you all the information you need to buy weight plates for your home or commercial gym:

Weight plates as per size

  • Olympic plates have a 2” (50mm) center hole that is considered as the accepted standard throughout the fitness industry. These plates are compatible with most commercial gym equipment including plate loading machines like the hammer strength.
  • Standard plates are a little smaller than Olympic plates and come with a 1” (25mm) center hole. These plates are more suitable for use in the home environment as they are cheaper and more suitable for beginners. However, these plates will not be compatible with most commercial gym machines.
  • Studio discs are used for group training equipment such as Body Pump, Les Mills, and other group training bars and have a center hole that is 30mm wide. These discs are designed specifically for use in these special settings and will not be compatible with regular fitness equipment.

Weight plates as per type

  • Cast iron plates are the most common and cheapest option available on the market. Available in sizes up to 25kg, cast iron plates are perfect for intermediate and advanced weight trainers and will work well all kinds of Olympic bars. They are durable but do not have any hand grips which means a user will have to be extremely careful while handling them.
  • Rubber coated plates are made of cast iron but have a rubberized coating on their surface for added protection. Just like their cast iron counterparts, these plates aren’t overly expensive either, but they do have built-in hand grips which makes them easy to handle, carry, load and unload.
  • Studio discs are designed to be suitable for group exercise classes and come with anti-roll edges, hand grips, and rubber coating to prevent damage to floor or equipment.

Hope the above information will help you in picking out the best weight plates for your needs.