One of the most fascinating gym types of equipment that you will ever come across for strength and other pieces of training is an exercise ball. An exercise ball is a large inflatable ball that could be used in a number of ways for a number of movements. There are many applications of an exercise ball. Some of them are very easy to perform while others are full of difficulty levels.


You can buy a good quality exercise ball for your home gym and perform a number of movements on to the same. There are a number of advantages of using an exercise ball for fitness and workout. An exercise ball has many benefits for all the patients who complain about back pain. From merely sitting on to the ball to performing a number of exercises, the basic support needed by the back and stomach muscles in the exercise ball is relatively the same.


If you are suffering from constant back pain, you can use an exercise ball for a number of purposes:

  1. To find neutral spine position
  2. To learn and stand in a proper posture.
  3. To increase your low back or lumbar mobility
  4. To increase abdominal and back muscle strength.
  5. To increase your overall balance and stability
  6. To develop overall control and strength in the core body muscles
  7. To learn the process of lifting in a proper manner.

Apart from all these purposes, an exercise ball is also used for everyday exercises:


  1. Ergonomic lifting:

You can use an exercise ball for ergonomic lifting by placing it against the wall and spreading feet shoulder-width apart. With your hands on the hips and knees slightly bent, you are now required to squat down halfway without leaning back on the ball. Throughout the movement, your knees must not extend over your toes. Return to standing and repeat the movement.


  1. Sitting on an exercise ball:

The exercise ball can also be used as a replacement of a normal chair at home. The movement on the ball is going to help you maintain your balance, and stimulate the deeper trunk muscles of your body.

Apart from this, exercise balls can also be used by pregnant ladies to perform exercises in a good balance. It’s imperative to pick an exercise ball which is good in quality.