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Kids Playgrounds & Play Systems

Powercore Kids

The Powercore Kids Range of equipment, has been designed on the back of our experience in home and commercial gym equipment. The Powercore Kids Range is made from only the best raw materials, with international safety standards in mind. The Powercore Kids Range promises to be the most affordable range of kids equipment in South Africa, whilst maintaining the highest quality standards.

All plastic parts of the Powercore Kids range are made from LLDPE (Linear Low Desnity Polyethylene), which is an incredibly strong type of plastic. LLDPE is used where there is a tremendous amount of strength needed to absorb impacts while not tearing or puncturing.

All metal components are galvanized and powder coated, ensuring longevity and durability.

All decks, stairs, and bridges are made from galvanized steel, and covered with anti-skid rubber or PVC.

To ensure accuracy Powercore Kids Equipment is manufactured using laser cutting and robot welding.

Powercore Kids Outdoor playgrounds and jungle gymsare: Anti-UV, Anti-Static, Anti-Skid and anti-crack.

At MiFitness, we are committed to promoting physical activity across all age groups, not just adults. We know the benefits of being physically active as an adult, but physical activity needs to start long before one becomes an adult. We have an exciting team headed up by Germaine Young who will guide you every step of the way. Germaine Young has a Human Movements degree, as well as a teaching degree. Germaine has also completed courses in Aerobics, personal fitness training, indoor cycling and early childhood development. Germaine has 4 of her own children, including a special needs child. Germaine owned a “Moms and Tots” franchise, and later opened her own Playschool. Germaine is highly experienced in physical activity and muscle tone development in young children.

Why choose MiFitness for your play systems:
1. We are the largest distributor of premium Gym Equipment in South Africa
2. We have a large, dedicated support team specially trained in installations of equipment both large and small.
3. Powercore Play Systems has been built on the back of our success in the Fitness Industry, where safety is essential.
4. Our Pricing and Quality is unmatched in South Africa.

MiFitness can customize indoor and outdoor playgrounds and jungle gyms to your needs. Only a small portion of the product range are listed on the website. For more information on our full range, please email: playsystems@mifitness.co.za.

Indoor and Outdoor Playgrounds have a lead time of 8-10 weeks. All pricing includes VAT, and excludes installation and transport charges.