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At MiFitness, we rightfully hold the title of the “Treadmill Authority,” and our claim is solidly substantiated. Annually, we distribute and maintain well over 1200 treadmills, a testament to our expertise and dedication.

Among our distinguishing strengths is the nation’s largest service and maintenance team. Impressively, more than 10 teams operate across Johannesburg alone, ensuring unparalleled coverage.

Contrary to mere size, the quality and power efficiency of a motor are paramount. This is often obfuscated by exaggerated marketing claims. Notably, reliable motors come with substantial warranties, often extending to 3 years or more.

For useful tips on treadmill purchasing, refer here.

Shua Treadmills define a class of their own, commencing with their motor’s impeccable standards and extending to the overall treadmill construction. This translates into Shua’s peerless warranties, including lifetime coverage for AC motors, frames, and 5-year warranties for decks, rollers, and bearings (subject to Terms & Conditions).. Click here to view more information on our Shua Life-Time Warranty Programme.

It’s worth noting that Shua’s exceptional reputation led to its selection as the official Gym Equipment Supplier for the Beijing Olympic Games.

Place your trust in Shua Treadmills for an assured choice.

Outstanding Treadmill Recommendations:

  • Best Home Use Treadmill: Shua A5 Treadmill
  • Best Entry Level Commercial Treadmill: Shua X5 Treadmill
  • Best Budget Commercial Treadmill: Shua X8 Treadmill
  • Best All-Rounder Commercial Treadmill: Shua V6 Treadmill
  • Best High-End Commercial Treadmill: Shua V9 Treadmill

Regular treadmill maintenance is pivotal for durability. Dust and belt friction are its primary adversaries. Our concise maintenance regimen ensures extended treadmill longevity.

Treadmills, a cornerstone of both commercial and home gyms, simulate vital cardiovascular exercises, especially running, walking, and jogging. For those who prefer indoor workouts or face outdoor limitations, our range of treadmills offers an ideal solution.

Opting for a treadmill is synonymous with practicality, accommodating any schedule and space. With a range of sizes and features, including foldable options, storing them post-use is effortless.

Reasons to Choose MiFitness for Your Treadmill:

  • We boast an impressive selection from top-notch manufacturers like Horizon, Shua, and Powercore.
  • Orders exceeding R5,000 enjoy free shipping and nationwide delivery.
  • Count on MiFitness for top-tier technical support.

When perusing our treadmill offerings, delve into specifications and key attributes. Unsure where to start? These pointers can guide your selection process.

Horsepower rating

The quality of the motor matters because it affects the treadmill’s longevity. For starters, verify the horsepower rating.

  • Continuous horsepower (CHP): This is the treadmill’s power output when it runs continuously. Treadmills with a motor size lower than 2 CHP are good for domestic use.
  • Peak horsepower (PHP): This is the motor’s maximum power at optimal conditions, but that's only good for a short time. Peak output represents the highest possible rpm at a minimal load. Even with an efficient motor, the treadmill won’t run at maximum rpm at all times. So, don’t rely on PHP to measure motor strength and longevity. Instead, check the CHP.

Some models have Bluetooth connectivity to help you monitor your progress on your smartphone or smartwatch. See if the treadmill brand has a dedicated app that can support your fitness goals.

Treadmill deck

Make sure the running deck is wide with ample cushioning. That way, you don’t strain your back and knees, especially when you're running at high speeds.

Warranty and support

Our treadmills come with the best warranties and guarantees for your peace of mind. If something goes wrong or you need repairs, reach out to us for assistance!