• DKN XG10 Vibration Plate

DKN XG10 Pro Vibration Plate


The DKN XG10.0 Vibration Plate is a commercial grade vibration plate ideal for smaller commercial gyms.

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Product Description

The DKN XG10 Pro vibration plate offers commercial grade specification that makes it suitable for home use as well as for serious athletes and professional gyms or clubs. It features the performance characteristics of a more expensive machine but within a price range for home users. Thanks to its compact size, this stylish and sleek machine fits any home, fitness studio or wellness centre with ease. The device offers an impressive power range of up to 11g on the muscle and has a sprung balanced platform for permanent base contact, coupled with low entry step for easy access. Additionally, its 100% high grade steel construction ensures exceptional durability. The DKN XG10 Pro vibration plate features a high quality backlit touchscreen panel with DKN’s integrated virtual coach that allows for visualising the exercise positions graphically. This solution makes every workout very easy to follow. The user-friendly interface also includes 12 integrated pre-set programmes designed to enable the user to concentrate on specific body parts thus making every workout as efficient and easy as possible.

The programmes available on the DKN XG10 Pro vibration plate include two levels of each: upper body workouts, lower body workouts, total body workouts and core workouts. Additionally, the interface offers a lower and upper body routines focused specifically on strengthening the body, a relaxing massage and, last but not least, the bone strengthening exercise. The programmes are tailored for beginner, intermediate, and advanced users. Among many benefits coming from these different settings the most notable are: enhanced collagen and skin quality, reduced stress, improved body/mind balancing, increased oxygenation in all tissues and improved mood. Additionally, very encouraging results have been detected with Parkinson’s illness patients and patients suffering from other degenerative disorders. Studies have also revealed that vibration trainers greatly reduce the evolution of osteoporosis and aide rebuilding bone mass.

The DKN XG10 Pro vibration plate allows its users to fully customize the intensity level of the workout to suit their personal needs. The machine offers a frequency range between 20 and 50Hz with interval steps of 5Hz. As for the machine’s design, the DKN-Technology XG10 Pro vibration trainer features a 100% high-grade steel construction combined with carbon fiber that is implemented to withstand the high performance acceleration this machine generates.

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