Flywheel – Solid Nickel Plating – Large:

Why must it be an all-iron sold inertia flywheel?

Spinning bikes use solid steel flywheels, which have large weight and uniform thickness, and generate high riding inertia and moderate centrifugal force. The inertia during deceleration is more controllable and safer.

High-Precision All-Iron Nickel Plating Technology.

Small Shield providing Big Safety.

Transmission Belt:

Silent belt drive high-quality riding SH-B5961S adopts high toughness, wear-resistant quiet transmission belt, simple and practical, less than 30 decibels, low noise for high-quality home enjoyment.

Ergonomic Design: Narrow Front End:

1.) Seat Height Adjustment.

2.) Seat Front and Rear Adjustment.

3.) Handlebar Height Adjustment.

4.) Handlebar Front and Rear Adjustment.

Seat Cushion:

Ergonomic Design: Narrow Front End, Smooth Transition on both sides. One-Piece Foam: Comfortable Shock Absorber, Long-Term Riding. High-Quality Leather: Exquisite Workmanship, Wear-Resistant and Non-Slip. Hollow Design: Hollow and Breathable, relieve Pancreatic Pressure in the front row for long riding. Large and Comfortable Cushion.


Reinforced carbon structural steel body + Electrostatic Spraying Process.

Impressive Aspects:

  • Non-slip safety foot pedal, double protection ensures position of feet. Non-slip technology foot cover to increase the safety factor.
  • Infinitely variable resistance adjustment, speed can be adjusted by lightly rotating and braking can be instantaneously by pressing down.
  • High-quality plastic-dipped handle. Handle is comfortable to hold, non-slip and sweatproof.
  • Hand-held heart rate test: Scientifically monitor body changes.
  • Flexible push-pull design and easy to move without effort.