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Xerband Resistance Bands


A Resistance Band is a cheap way to keep fit, and develop lean muscle and strength. The exercise possibilities are endless. With a simple 1.5m length of Resistance Band you are able to do 100’s of exercise

Product Description

Resistance bands come in various colours, each colour represents a certain strength, see below:

  • Yellow (Extra-Light)
  • Red (Light)
  • Green (Light to Medium)
  • Blue (Medium)
  • Dark Grey (Heavy)
  • Light Grey (Heaviest)

Additional Information

Weight N/A
Colour & Size

1.5m Yellow (Extra – Light), 1.5m Red (Light), 1.5m Green (Light to Medium), 1.5m Blue (Medium), 1.5m Dark Grey (Heavy), 1.5m Light Grey (Heaviest), 5.5m Yellow (Extra – Light), 5.5m Red (Light), 5.5m Green (Light to Medium), 5.5m Blue (Medium), 5.5m Dark Grey (Heavy), 5.5m Light Grey (Heaviest), 46m Yellow (Extra – Light), 46m Red (Light), 46m Green (Light to Medium), 46m Blue (Medium), 46m Dark Grey (Heavy), 46m Light Grey (Heaviest)


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