It is 102cm (40.1”) long and offers a 90cm (35.4”) x 35cm (13.8”) workout surface. You can not only step at a ‘walking pace’ for a basic workout, but also add lifts, squats and lunges to each session to achieve better results. The step is adjustable to 3 heights (15cm/ 20cm/ 25cm) and has a maximum user weight of 110kg (242.5lbs).
• Non-slip feet and workout surface
• Reebok logo on the mat
• Workout Surface Size: 90cm (35.4”) x 35cm (13.8”)
• Adjustable to 3 Heights: 15cm (5.9”) / 20cm (7.9”) / 25cm (9.8”)
• Dimensions: Length=102cm (40.1”), Width= 38.5cm (15.1”), Height=25cm (9.8”)
• Max. User Weight: 110kg (242.5lbs)
• Construction: Polypropylene (main body) / Thermoplastic rubber (mat) / ABS (bottom parts)
• Colours: Blue