The Shua X3  Foldable Treadmill, is a premium Home Treadmill suitable for light commercial use, in non-paying facilities (Small Private gyms, Hotel Gyms, Small Corporate Gyms). The build quality on this treadmill is unmatched.

What really separates this treadmill from most home treadmills on the market, is that it features a large industrial grade 2 CHP AC (Continuous Horse Power) Induction Motor. With a Peak Power output of 4HP. This makes it a suitable treadmill for light commercial applications.

Traditionally home treadmills make use of a cheaper DC motor. What makes an AC motor more superior is that AC motors are brushless, and have a much longer lifespan compared to a DC motor. AC Motors are also a lot more powerful compared to a DC motor. For instance a 2HP AC motor, is more powerful than a 4HP DC Motor. These are important considerations when considering a home treadmill.

The Shua X3 Treadmill is foldable, and ensures that you can save space.

Let’s go through some of the exciting features of the Shua X3 Home Treadmill

  • Industrial Grade 2Hp AC Motor / 4.5PHP AC Peak. The motor used in this X3, is a Grade F, Level 6 Induction Motor. This is the highest grade motor available. This will ensure longevity and reliability. AC Motors are more superior, more powerful, and longer lasting compared to DC Motors which are usually found in home treadmills
  • 0% to 12% incline
  • 1.5km/h to 18km/h
  • Running Area:
  • Foldable, ensuring that you can save space
  • Branded as Shua

Make sure you go through the additional information to see detailed specifications of this treadmill