• Powercore Super Hex Trap Bar

Powercore Super Hex Trap Bar


The Powercore Super Hex Trap Bar sports an impressive 450kg Weight Rating and a Solid Commercial Grade Construction ensures the best lasting quality.

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Product Description

The Powercore Super Hex Trap Bar is Commercial Trap Bar with a High-Tech Hex design with 3 way adjustable handles makes dead lifts and shrugs easy with the weight kept centered through your body’s center-line allowing you to keep an upright posture while lifting and reduces stress on your lower back.

  • Focuses movement on legs with less strain on lower back.
  • Fits OLYMPIC 50mm Plates
  • 3 way adjustable handles, 25mm, 40mm and 55mm diameter.
  • Distance apart of handles, 700mm.
  • Handles feature non-slip knurling.
  • Easy load, bar sits on four stabilisers to allow weight plates to be loaded and unloaded without effort.
  • Mainframe constructed of strong steel 50mm x 50mm.
  • Weighs Approx. 25kg.
  • Solid Commercial Grade Construction
  • 1,000lb weight rating!
  • High-Tech modern design
  • Build grip strength with Fat to Slim grips
  • Comfortable and safe for maximum deadlift

Additional Information

Weight25 kg

Trap Bar Benefits

Benefits of using a trap bar:
1. Less Stress on the spine
2. More Power
3. Better for beginners

Trap Bar Deadlift Benefits

The trap bar is used in specialized training in two main exercises, the shrug and the deadlift. This deadlift is considered far superior to barbells for power and strength training as it transfers the load more to the knees than to the hips of the lumbar spine, ideal for those suffering from lower back problems.

The trap bar provides a safer version of deadlift than the straight bar version as it produces significant levels of peak force, power and velocity while allowing more weight to be lifted over a longer period of time. It reduces the potential for injury and at the same time maximizes power. The upright torso position used in the deadlift improves posture and corrects weightlifting techniques.

The technique used in a this deadlift is more advantageous for beginning weight lifters who require a greater amount of upfront coaching in their mobility work. The one thing coaches find challenging is to prevent the over-extension of the back muscles which can be avoided with the right type of execution.

For most weight lifters, getting into the correct deadlift position using a straight bar is quite challenging without lots of coaching and mobility work upfront. This is especially true for those who are desk bound for 8 hours per day and do not have the same flexibility as serious lifters who practice their lumbar flexions and posterior pelvic tilt postures for hours. The trap bar design allows a more upright torso position where the knees move forward, allowing the hips to sit lower, which avoids scraping the shins as sometimes happens with a straight bar movement.

You can add variation by adding powerbands for band resisted deadlifts, jumping deadlifts and deficit deadlifts.


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