The Powercore Super Hex Trap Bar is Commercial Trap Bar with a High-Tech Hex design with 3 way adjustable handles makes dead lifts and shrugs easy with the weight kept centered through your body’s center-line allowing you to keep an upright posture while lifting and reduces stress on your lower back.

  • Focuses movement on legs with less strain on lower back.
  • Fits OLYMPIC 50mm Plates
  • 3 way adjustable handles, 25mm, 40mm and 55mm diameter.
  • Distance apart of handles, 700mm.
  • Handles feature non-slip knurling.
  • Easy load, bar sits on four stabilisers to allow weight plates to be loaded and unloaded without effort.
  • Mainframe constructed of strong steel 50mm x 50mm.
  • Weighs Approx. 25kg.
  • Solid Commercial Grade Construction
  • 1,000lb weight rating!
  • High-Tech modern design
  • Build grip strength with Fat to Slim grips
  • Comfortable and safe for maximum deadlift