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Powercore Multi-Purpose Functional Trainer Package

R29,550.00 R25,050.00

The Powercore Multi-Purpse functional trainer is an all in one combination of three major exercise machines: Smith Machine, Functional Trainer, Power Rack.

We Have Included:

2x 5kg Tri-grip weight plates

2x 10kg Tri-grip weight plates

2x 15kg Tri-grip weight plates

2x 20kg Tri-grip weight plates

And a Powercore 800 Series Full Commercial Adjustable Bench Worth R4500 Absolutely FREE!

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Product Description

• Functional Trainer (2x weight plate sliders and pulleys)
• Smith Machine
• Power Rack
• Chin up bar
• Core Trainer
• Dipping Handles
• Spotter Arms
• Wide Grip lat pull down bar
• Close grip V row bar
• Tricep Rope
• 2 Stirrup handles
• Storage Holders
• Fixing Ring for suspension trainer
Dimensions and weight:
Assembly Size: 152x186x226cm
Carton Size: A: 215x332x19cm, B: 179x25x8cm, C: 156x66x22cm, D: 48x32x31cm, E: 76x49x20cm

Tri-Grip Plates

High Quality Rubber Coated Weight Plates, perfect for any facility where aesthetics are important.

Available in the following sizes: 5kg, 10kg,15kg, 20kg


  • The rubber coating on the plates protects both the plate and your floor from accidental dropping as well as adding extra grip when handling for safety
  • Tri-Grip allowing easy handling
  • Suitable for Full Commercial Gym Use
  • For use with all Olympic bars and plate loaded gyms and single station machines
  • 50mm diameter whole so that they will fit all olympic bars



Additional Information

Weight320 kg


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