• Functional trainer pack 2

Powercore Multi-Purpose Functional Trainer Package 2

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The Powercore Multi-Purpse functional trainer is an all in one combination of three major exercise machines: Smith Machine, Functional Trainer, Power Rack.

We Have Included: at a 15% discount

2x 5kg Tri-grip weight plates

2x 10kg Tri-grip weight plates

2x 15kg Tri-grip weight plates

2x 20kg Tri-grip weight plates

And a Eco Bar  and Aluminium Lock Jaw collars Worth R1820 Absolutely FREE!

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Product Description


• Functional Trainer (2x weight plate sliders and pulleys)
• Smith Machine
• Power Rack
• Chin up bar
• Core Trainer
• Dipping Handles
• Spotter Arms
• Wide Grip lat pull down bar
• Close grip V row bar
• Tricep Rope
• 2 Stirrup handles
• Storage Holders
• Fixing Ring for suspension trainer
Dimensions and weight:
Assembly Size: 152x186x226cm
Carton Size: A: 215x332x19cm, B: 179x25x8cm, C: 156x66x22cm, D: 48x32x31cm, E: 76x49x20cm


High Quality Rubber Coated Weight Plates, perfect for any facility where aesthetics are important.

Available in the following sizes: 5kg, 10kg,15kg, 20kg


  • The rubber coating on the plates protects both the plate and your floor from accidental dropping as well as adding extra grip when handling for safety
  • Tri-Grip allowing easy handling
  • Suitable for Full Commercial Gym Use
  • For use with all Olympic bars and plate loaded gyms and single station machines
  • 50mm diameter whole so that they will fit all olympic bars


The Powercore Eco Olympic Bar is suitable for normal gym use, i.e. bench press, squats, deadlifts etc. Although this bar has revolving sleeves, this bar is not suitable for Olympic Lifting because it does not have needle bearings in the sleeves.
• Max Load: 300kg’s
• Dual Knurl Marks
• Steel: Q235
• Brass Bushings
• Length: 2200mm
• Handle Diameter: 28mm
• Weight: 20kg’s
• Size: Olympic (Standard weight plates do not fit)
• Handle: Chrome
• Sleeve: Chrome, Revolving Sleeves.

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