The Powercore Eco Olympic Bar is suitable for normal gym use, i.e. bench press, squats, deadlifts etc. Although this bar has revolving sleeves, this bar is not suitable for Olympic Lifting because it does not have needle bearings in the sleeves.
• Max Load: 300kg’s
• Dual Knurl Marks
• Steel: Q235
• Brass Bushings
• Length: 2200mm
• Handle Diameter: 28mm
• Weight: 20kg’s
• Size: Olympic (Standard weight plates do not fit)
• Handle: Chrome
• Sleeve: Chrome, Revolving Sleeves.
Different Types of steel used to make an Olympic Bar:
• Q235: Low Grade Steel, used for entry level olympic bars, i.e. olympic bars for Bench Press etc. These bars are suitable for a normal gym environment, however powerlifters who are moving heavy weight will require an olympic bar made from either Spring Steel or High Alloy Steel. When this bar bends, it does not go back straight like a High Alloy Steel bar would.
• Spring Steel: Mid Grade Steel. The majority of “good” olympic bars are made from spring steel, and is therefore suitable for powerlifting use.
• High Alloy: High Grade Steel. High Alloy Steel is exceptionally high quality, and is therefore the steel of choice for high end Olympic Lifting & Powerlifting bars. This is the steel of choice for all our Powercore Olympic Lifting Bars.