• Premium Quality- resistance bands made from high-quality, durable rubber.
  • Suitable For Any Fitness Level – each exercise band offers a different level of resistance, both for pull-up training and adding resistance to bench presses, squats, and Olympic lifts.
  • Build Strength & Improve Mobility – With resistance band training, every part of the exercise has resistance, resulting in better range of motion strength and complete stimulation, promoting muscle growth.
  • Choose Your Suitable Band – According to the workout band tension chart, choose a band based on your body weight and the number of unassisted repetitions you can complete. Also, you can combine multiple sizes to increase more levels of tension.
  • Easy to Carry-Compared with most fitness equipment, the pull-up band is lightweight and portable, and can act as your mobile gym, allowing you to exercise at any time in your home, office, gym, or outdoors.


Blue Heavy 30-80kg 2080mm 65mm 4.5mm