The Power Smith Dual System machine allows you to perform the thrust movement of the upper body and chest. With an independent load lever and a convergent trajectory, this machine amplifies the range of movement compared to the classical Smith Machine.

The Dual System Power Smith Machine allows a more efficient and precise workout on the pectoral, chest and deltoid muscles by performing the exercise in two different ways. This adds variety to your workout and helps build you entire upper body in a unique way!

Technical Info

  • Dual workout position: horizontal bench press, decline bench press
  • gas assisted inclination adjustment
  • track with horizontal adjustment
  • retractable ergonomic rolls
  • Made from heavy duty 3mm thick steel
  • Inclines Weight Plate Storage Holders

FAQ: Why can’t the bench adjust to incline and shoulder press?

Biomechanically this is not possible. If you come across a machine that has a function from incline to decline, you will find that your hand position will be much too far apart on decline and flat, which is a big risk for injury.


Width 186 cm
Length 202 cm
Height 144 cm
Weight 250 Kg
Max. Weight 200 Kg (each side, depending on plates used)

Muscles Targeted: