Gym Rings have a great deal of mobility. As the lifter presses against the rings, they will often vibrate or move and stabilizing this movement creates a higher degree of muscle recruitment. The gym rings are affordable, portable and it easy to set up in a gym or at home.

The versatility of the gym rings is what makes them a must have! You can use them for a variety of exercises, unlike many gym machines that serve only one function. Gym rings are fast becoming a very important accessory to have in a Cross Training gym due to resourcefulness and affordability.

There are many workouts that can be done using gym rings, some of them include: muscle ups, pull ups, chin ups, ring dips, ring push ups and ring fly’s.
Gym rings are effective for training the following:
• Chest
• Back
• Abs
• Shoulders
• Biceps
• Triceps

Made from high quality components ensuring durability!
2 x Gym Rings
2 x Buckles
2 x Straps