The Powercore Motion Spinning Bike is ideal for anybody wanting to get fit, tone muscle, lose fat and  increase their overall fitness. A heavy duty, Commercial Spin Bike built to take you to the next level in your cardio fitness goals.

  • Easy Adjustments to help the user fit onto the bike for a comfortable cycle. Handle adjusts up and down and the seat adjusts up and down as well as forward and back to suit the user size.
  • Non-slip, multi-grip coated handlebars
  • Belt driven, for a more silent workout
  • The seat is comfortable and wide to ensure a comfortable ride.
  • Strap in pedals to ensure the users feet do not slip, while training.
  • The Bike includes two front wheels allowing easy movement by lifting the rear of the frame and pushing or pulling the bike and four adjustable stabilisers under the base of the frame to make sure the bike is stable while in use.