Olympic Rubber Bumper plates have the same diameter regardless of their weight. This is especially important in weight lifting. It means that there is not and increased amount of pressure on certain weights, the pressure is distributed across all the weights as they are the same diameter.

Not all Olympic Bumper Plates are the same, they differ in quality. To give you an idea of the quality the bumper plates need to be drop tested. Cheaper Olympic Bumper plates are only drop tested +- 100 times, these cheaper bumper plates may be made out of recycled rubber. POWERCORE Olympic Bumper Plates are drop tested 10000 times, ensuring a high quality Olympic Bumper Plate. Powercore bumper plates are also made from a combination of Recycled and Virgin Rubber ensuring durability.

Some things to note: 5kg Bumper Plates are not intended to be used on their own. If you need to put 10kg on each side, don’t put 2x 5kg on each side, rather just put a single 10kg Bumper plate on each side of the bar.

Some things to know about the Powercore Bumper Plates:

They are made from high quality durable rubber, made from a combination of virgin rubber and recycled rubber.
They have a low bounce, ensuring safety. Naturally if bumper plates are getting dropped on thin rubber flooring or concrete there will be even less bounce. This is not advisable however, and can damage your equipment. Only drop bumpers on at least 1.5cm – 2.5cm thick rubber flooring, that is designed to absorb the impact.