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MYZONE is an easy-to-use monitoring system that measures real-time heart rate, calories and effort data. Physical activity from both inside and outside of the club is wirelessly uploaded to a user, trainer, and owner cloud account, providing relevant data that can be accessed anywhere in the world.

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Product Description

This Package Includes the Following,

1x Intel Compute Stick

1x HDMI extension set

1x Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

1x Myzone Receiver

1x Myzone Software

Myzone Training

Additional Information

Weight 5.0000 kg

Unique Features

If you can’t read through all the information below, make sure you read the following key points about Myzone. 

  • Using the generic formula of 220bpm minus is your age to find your max heart rate is completely inaccurate. If you are working out according to the formula, you are doing it wrong.
  • Myzone automatically calibrates and finds your TRUE MAX Heart Rate which is 99.4% accurate.
  • What does this all mean? This means that if you are training at 80%, this is an accurate and true reflection of your effort levels.
  • You earn MEPS (Myzone Effort Points) while you train. The longer you stay in the higher heart rate zones, the more MEPS points you earn. Effort based training means that young and old, fit and unfit, male and female, can all compete against each other.


  • Stores up to 16 hours of training data on the chest strap
  • Self-Calibrates your TRUE MAX Heart Rate with 99.4% accuracy
  • Training according to your TRUE MAX Heart Rate means you can train based on your true effort level, and not according to calories, or a generic max heart rate
  • Training according to your TRUE MAX Heart Rate means old, young, male, female, fit, unfit can all train and compete with each other on level playing field
  • One full charge lasts 6 Months
  • The Myzone APP is available for Android and IOS. The App allows you to accurately track all of your training sessions, body metrics, training summaries, as well as viewing live data of your training session
  • Connect and compete in challenges with other users on the Myzone App.
  • MYZONE integrates with any ANT device


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