• Sold in a pack sealed pack of 10, or a sealed pack of 20
  • Sold in a sealed pack of 10 units, or a box of 20 (2x Sealed pack of 10)
  • CE certification
  • Verify EMC certification via this link: (certificate no: 5J200407F.JCS0W96)
  • Fully sealed for better protection.
    The mask is soft with no uncomfortable pressure points, making it ideal for extended wear.
    Ideal to protect you from dust and dropletsFeatures: Anti Haze, Dust Proof, Breathable,
    Size: 20cm x 10cm/7.87″ x 3.94″ (Approx.)EN 149. The EN 149 standard for face masks shows that they protect against dust, mist or fibres. The filters are tested to determine that they work properly (filter penetration, also called efficiency). Leakage around the edges, breathing resistance and the uptake capacity are also testedNot for medical use: These masks are not intended for use in exposure settings where the performance of a surgical mask to maintain a sterile field is required.