Product Description

This is a three station multi-function home gym,which can have three persons exercise at the same time.

Functions include:
1.Tricep extension/push-down,Bicep curl,Preacher curl,Abdominal crunch,Pectoral fly
2.Chin up,Sit up,Dumbbell exercise and boxing
3.Standing leg curl,Leg extension/curl,Leg kick back

Weight: 158lbs dead weight stacks filled concrete vinyl plates
Main Frame: 1.5mm Heavy Duty Steel Construction
Max User Weight: 125kg
Cable: 2000lbs tensile strength aircraft cables
Tube: 50X50X1.5mm heavy duty construction tube
Assembly Size: 2500x2440x2200mm
Weight Stack: Vinyl Weight Stack filled with concred 158lbs
Certification: EN957, CE, Rohs
Gross Weight: 211kg
* Includes Boxing Bag and Gloves.