The LY-49 4 Station embodies sophistication and functionality, providing users with a versatile platform for achieving their fitness goals. Crafted with high-quality rectangular tube frames, this equipment combines elegance with durability, making it suitable for use in professional fitness clubs, residential communities, and corporate gyms.

Each station within the LY-49 is designed to target specific muscle groups, offering a holistic approach to fitness. From chest and back muscles to arms and shoulders, users can engage in a range of exercises that are optimized for safety, comfort, and effectiveness.

Safety is prioritized with a comprehensive set of warnings and instructions, ensuring responsible usage and injury prevention. From restrictions on usage by children and individuals with heart conditions to guidelines for proper warm-up routines, every precaution is taken to promote safe and effective workouts.

The LY-49’s compact dimensions, measuring 2240mm in length, 2450mm in width, and 2350mm in height, make it suitable for a variety of fitness environments while providing ample space for comfortable use. With a weight of 261kg, it offers stability and reliability during intense workouts.

Each exercise position offered by the LY-49 is accompanied by detailed instructions, emphasizing proper setup, form, and execution. Whether targeting the chest, back, arms, or shoulders, users can perform each exercise with confidence, knowing that the equipment is designed to support their fitness journey.

In summary, the LY-49 4 Station is more than just a piece of exercise equipment—it’s a versatile and reliable tool for achieving fitness goals. Whether used in professional fitness clubs or residential communities, it empowers users to prioritize their health and well-being while enjoying safe and effective workouts.
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