Additional Info:

  • Air fan with manual chain drive. Resistance adjustment by changing the air flow. The air resistance increases in proportion to the movement speed of the user doing the exercise. Accordingly, the faster the movements, the more force you need to apply for this. Thus, the air simulator provides the freedom to choose the level of the load.
  • A sturdy aluminum frame provides stability for the treadmill.
  • Ergonomic handle with a special anti-slip coating.
  • Smooth gliding, anatomical seat provides comfort for training, regardless of their intensity and duration.
  • Wide support foot platforms with adjustable foot restraints.
  • A clear informative 5 “display promptly gives all the parameters of a workout: time, distance, heart rate, load in watts, calorie consumption.
  • The built-in telemetry heart rate monitor helps users to monitor the intensity of the workout, timely adjust the pace and load.
  • The internal digital heart rate measurement system has high noise immunity. Workout data can be easily synced to Wahoo and other apps via Bluetooth or ANT +.