The K3 Infrared Thermometer solves the problems of high traffic establishments. Such as, Gym’s, Shopping Center’s, Grocery Stores, Hospitals and so forth.

A handheld thermometer requires an operator at all times, and can lead to operator error. It is also time consuming, and promotes cross contamination.

Handheld thermometers cannot withstand the vigorous use of high traffic areas. i.e. areas that will receive 100’s of visitors a day. Handheld thermometers will not last in those settings. Handheld thermometers are designed for low volume usage.

The K3 offers a solution to take the temperature of individuals in large volumes, quickly and easily, and it is less invasive


  • Screening a larger volume of people quicker
  • Designed for high traffic areas
  • Alarm will sound when someone has a fever


 Warranty: 1 Year
Instrument Classification: Class II
Weight: 350g
Power Supply: Battery / USB Charging DC 4.2-5V
Screen: LCD Digital Display
Size: 170 * 115 *140mm
Battery: Not Included
Response Time: 500ms
Accuracy: +- 0.2
Alarm Function: Yes, automatic. Flashing red light, and constant alarm
Standby Time: 1 Week
Ideal Use: Large Offices, Shops, High Traffic Areas
Infrared Measuring Range: 0-50 deg C
Distance:  5cm – 10cm
Placement: Wall mounted (with screws / double sides tape, not included)

Can also be mounted on a tripod