Forget the frustration of fitness fads and unveil your true potential with the Evolt 360 Body Scanner. This cutting-edge tech ain’t your average bathroom scale. It’s a total body composition game-changer that delivers a detailed breakdown in a lightning-fast 60 seconds. 

Using Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology, the Evolt 360 dives deep into your body, measuring over 40 key metrics. Think of it like a VIP pass to your inner workings, revealing:

  • Muscle Mass: How much lean, mean, sculpting machine are you working with?
  • Fat Mass: Time to say buh-bye to body fat mystery.
  • Water Weight: Stay hydrated and optimize your performance.
  • Mineral Content: Because strong bones are the foundation for a fabulous physique.

Unleash Your Inner Data Diva

The Evolt 360 isn’t just about the numbers, it’s about what you do with them!

  • Track Your Progress Like a Boss: Monitor changes in your muscle, fat, and overall composition. Watch those results soar!
  • Workout Smarter, Not Harder: Tailor your fitness routine to your unique needs and goals. No more wasted gym time, just pure sculpted perfection.
  • Set Goals That Slay: Gain a clear understanding of your starting point and set achievable objectives for a fitness journey that’s as fierce as you are.

Evolt: Beyond the Scan, Beyond Basic

Evolt isn’t just a body scanner, it’s a complete wellness ecosystem designed to empower you and your fitness crew:

  • Evolt Insights Dashboard: For trainers and fitness studios, this platform is your secret weapon. Track client progress, generate reports, and gain insights to take your business to the next level.
  • Evolt Active App: For the fitness enthusiasts, this personalized app is your ultimate training partner. Get targeted recommendations and goal tracking based on your unique body composition data. Become the fittest version of you, with an app that’s as smart as you are.

Science Meets Slay: Backed by Research, Built for Results

The Evolt 360’s BIA technology isn’t just some fad. It’s backed by extensive research and validated in peer-reviewed journals, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of your body composition analysis. Trust science, trust Evolt, trust your results.


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