Impressive Features: 

  • The Solid Guide rods are hard chromed and placed at a 7 degree pitch to align with your natural body movement.
  • Linear bearings ensure the bar moves with silky smooth precision whether your training involves faster explosive movements or a slower more controlled style.
  • Safety is also paramount and two solid steel safety catchers provide reassurance when you are pushing to the limit, a multi position rack is also present on the uprights enabling you to perform free weight barbell exercises if required.
  • Complete with a Pec Deck and high/low pulley system to fit this machine therefore adding the popular cable exercise’s to your workout options.
  • Key Stations: Shoulder Shrugs, Squats, Chest and Shoulder press, Lat Pulldown, Low Pulley, Pec Deck (optional high/low pulley required).

Butterfly – Upper and Lower:

  • With the Butterfly and the High-Low pulley you considerably increase the exercise themes . It will allow you to work on the development of the pectoral cage.
  • Also with the high pulley which accentuates the work of the upper dorsal triceps , biceps etc.
  • And finally the low pulley for rower type work .
  • In short, a relevant all-in-one pack transforming your smith machine into a real compendium of the most emblematic positions in bodybuilding and muscle consolidation.