Introducing the Smart Power Machine: Your All-in-One Gym at Home

Get the benefits of 5 gym equipment in one compact and easy-to-use device with the Smart Power Machine. Say goodbye to the hassle of assembling and storing bulky strength equipment, and welcome the practicality and versatility of our intelligent motorized resistance system.

The Smart Power Machine is designed to provide an all-in-one solution for strength training, fat burning, shaping, and rehabilitation. With more than 200 possible exercises available through our app, you can customize your workout routine to your personal goals and fitness level.

Some advantages:

  • Intelligent motorized resistance. The motor simulates the resistance, freely adjust the weight by 0,5kg with one button, instead of bulky iron plates.
  • Powerful Resistance Motors, that can apply a large resistance.
  • Three training modes for any level
  • Personal coach guidance training program
  • Stereo surround Bluetooth speaker for added motivation
  • LCD screen with adjusting knob for easy operation
  • Anti-slip universal wheel for effortless movement
  • Foldable design for easy storage
  • Design award winner in 2020
  • Each motor has a maximum resistance of 60kg, with an incredible total of 120kg for both motors.

Intelligent Motorized Resistance

The Smart Power Machine features a motorized resistance system that simulates the weight resistance of traditional strength equipment, without the need for bulky iron plates. With just one button, you can freely adjust the weight by 0.5kg increments, allowing you to perform various exercises and target different muscle groups with ease.

Each motor has a maximum resistance of 60kg, with an incredible total of 120kg for both motors. 

Three Training Modes

Our massive database of professional training programs is integrated with unique algorithms to provide three training modes suitable for all fitness levels.

  • Beginner: Standard Mode

In the standard mode, the resistance when pulling up is the same as the resistance when putting down. This mode is perfect for beginners, as it is easy to load and effectively modifies muscle lines while increasing muscle endurance.

  • Advanced: Eccentric Mode

In the eccentric mode, the resistance when pulling up is less than the resistance when putting down. This mode is suitable for experienced exercisers who want to increase the resistance stimulus and speed up their training effect.

  • Expert: Isokinetic Mode

In the isokinetic mode, the resistance increases with speed. This mode keeps the muscles in tension at all times, helping you break through fitness bottlenecks and achieve your fitness goals faster.

Personal Coach Guidance Training Program

Our open Bluetooth protocol allows you to easily control the Smart Power Machine with your own app, creating intelligent or customized plans. With the workout library supported, you can access professional guidance and create a workout routine that suits your fitness level and goals.

With the Smart Power Machine, you can perform a full-body workout at home without the need for multiple pieces of equipment. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced exerciser, our intelligent motorized resistance system and professional training programs will help you achieve your fitness goals with ease.