This machine offers you the complete package of high-quality, yet affordable strength equipment. Coming as one complete unit, this functional trainer is made of high-grade steel and features an integrated smith machine along with an advanced pulley cable system. With numerous extra features included such as various adjustable strength cable accessories, this machine allows the user to perform multiple exercises. This functional trainer is the definition of variety as it brings so much to the user. With integrated weight stacks, an option to bolt the machine to the floor and options to add more weight, this functional trainer is of the highest of quality. Escalate your strength training with this impressive machine.

Key Specifications:

  • Commercial Grade
  • Weight Stacks Included
  • Smith Press
  • Dual Hi/Lo Pulleys (Dual Adjustable Pulleys)
  • High Quality Commercial Grade Cables
  • Pull Up Bar
  • Multiple accessories included
    • Land Mine Attachment
    • Cable Attachments (Handles, Narrow Row, Tricep Rope, Straight Bar attachment for biceps and triceps)