Extra attachments included:

  1. Core Trainer (Landmine) for all rotational core exercises and bent over rows and handle.
  2. Lat Pull Down Bar and Knee Pad to help lock in your quads while performing Lat Pull Downs.
  3. V Grip Row/Chinning bar for low rows and pull downs.
  4. Tricep Rope for Tricep Press.
  5. Short straight bar for seated row.
  6. Long Straight Bar for standing press, row and several other exercises.
  7. Curl Bar for Bicep curls.
  8. Stirrup / D handles for Cable Crossover.
  9. Adjustable Commercial Grade Barbell J-hooks and Spotter Arms for the front of the rack.
  10. Olympic Plate storage pegs and a vertical barbell holder on the rear of the machine to neatly store your plates and barbell.
  11. Adjustable Dip Handles.
  12. Ankle strap.

All attachments are neatly stored away for easy access.