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Battle Ropes (Black)


A must have tool for any functional training facility

Black/Yellow lining

Product Description

Battling Ropes are becoming increasingly popular, and not just in functional training gyms, and crossfit gyms. Battling ropes are now used in most types of athletic training. It is very effective for increasing lung capacity, works your grip and is an invaluable tool for speed and endurance. Battling ropes can be used in a variety of ways, i.e, they can be attached to a wall where you hold an end in each hand, doing various movements, and even incorporating lunges.

Battling Ropes can also be used for two person use, i.e. A person on each end of the the rope. The variations on Battling Ropes are endless, and are a MUST HAVE in any gym environment.

When using our battling ropes, it will fray a certain amount. The impact on the ground causes this and it is completely normal, the rope will not break. Remove the frayed areas with scissors.

Our Battling Ropes come in two different sizes:

38mm Black (1.5inch) Diameter – 15m in length (Polypropylene Fibre)
51mm Black (2inch) Diameter – 15m in length (Polypropylene Fibre)

Additional Information

Weight 40.0000 kg

1.5 in (38mm), 2in (50mm)