Before you start your search for the best treadmills for sale so you can buy one, it is always better to do some research—especially if you are planning to do your shopping online. The following are some points to keep in mind to ensure that you are choosing the right treadmill for sale.

Available space

The first thing that you want to check is the available space in your home. Are you sure a treadmill can fit in your bedroom or home gym? If you have limited space, consider smaller treadmills or folding models that can be stored when not in use.

Track size

The size of the track is an important factor to take into account because it affects the overall size of the treadmill that you need as well as your comfort level while running. The standard track length ranges from 55 inches and 60 inches. Some runners choose longer tracks either because they are taller or because they have a longer stride.

Motor power

How much motor power (continuous horsepower) is right for you depends on your weight and the intensity of your workout. Walkers weighing up to 200 lbs should choose 2.0 CHP or higher. Joggers around the same weight should opt for 2.5 CHP while runners should look for models with 3.0 CHP.

Shock absorption

The shock absorption system of a treadmill highly affects your performance and comfort while walking, jogging, running, or sprinting. A good shock absorption system can minimize injuries and pain and help you run longer. Today, the best type of absorption systems recommended are Variable-Durometer Elastomer Cushions.


Just as no two models of treadmills for sale are created equal, no two gym equipment suppliers are the same. When choosing one, remember to consider their reputation, online payment methods, and shipping policies.