If you spent the maximum of your time at the gym, you would know the people who walk from here to there with a squat belt and the ones that don’t. A weight lifting belt is not a fashion accessory, though and it’s a vital piece of weight training equipment. There are also various myths attached to the belts. Now is the time to explore them.


Myths about the belts


The first and foremost myth about the squat belt is that it stops you from getting injured. Though, it is not entirely true. This is so obvious that if you are going to train with a bad technique, you are going to hurt yourself. However, if your technique and form are good, you are going to improve a lot. Your spine will be stabilized more due to the increase in the abdominal pressure and you’ll be able to lift more.


Another myth is that you need to wear a belt in order to gain muscles. Again, this isn’t true. You can squat without wearing a belt and achieve better results. A belt is a way of taking your leg training to another level.


The third myth is that by wearing a weight lifting belt, you are going to weaken your core. This isn’t true again. The exercises where you must use the belt are deadlifts and squats. Use a belt when it’s needed the most and take it off if you don’t need it.


What to look in a squat belt?


With various other items of the gym like weight lifting shoes and gloves, you must choose your squat belt carefully. It should get fit to you. Because of this, it is suggested to use a leather weight lifting belt and most of the people even use it for decades. Other things that need to be considered in a reliable belt are single buckle and a nice width.


Bottom Line


A weight lifting belt is a great way to give your exercise routine a boost, but they must be used carefully. If you tend to use it so much, you might get injured or hurt yourself.