We are open for business! BUT…

We can sell our full range of products, but we need to be as contactless as possible.

We ask in as much as possible that customers order through the following channels:
1. Website
2. Email
3. Over the phone (please note we are experiencing a large amount of call volumes)

Although our showrooms appear to be open, this is because we have employees working from the showroom. But they will not be open to the public.

This is to limit contact between people.

* All orders are processed and prioritised according to when we receive payments. Orders will cannot be put aside without payment.

Important information regarding stock levels: It takes months to prepare stock levels, I.e. manufacturing is 2-3 months, shipping is 6-8 weeks. This means our stock levels will be skewed, and items will be out of stock. We always have containers arriving, but it is essential to pre-order if items are out of stock. There is a worldwide shortage of gym equipment.

We are doing our best to process all orders quickly. Please keep in mind that we are currently delivering all the equipment that was ordered during the lock down.

Important COVID-19 Rules

1. We will not be open for walk in customers at this stage, our showrooms will not be open to the public. Testing cardio equipment can be done via appointment.
2. Collections are allowed if they are prearranged.
3. Deliveries will commence with strict sanitizing protocols

How do we protect our staff and customers:

  1. Every driver is armed with a handheld contactless thermometer. When delivering they will scan themselves and the customer to ensure that neither has a two temperature.
  2. Every staff member is supplied with the relevant PPE, and adequate sanitizers.
  3. All Mifitness staff are screened every single day with their temperatures recorded.


The government has requested that consumers buy local products. MiFitness has a manufacturing and sewing department, which produces a wide range of gym equipment.