1. We will be closed to the public during the duration of the lock down. All staff are working remotely during this time.
  2. Please note that we will not be able to attend to phone calls during lock down, as no one is working from our head office. We will be diverting calls, however our calls will not be monitored at all times of the day.
  3. All office staff will be working remotely, therefore we will be available for any requests over email.
  4. All online orders placed during lock down will only be dispatched after the lock down is over.
  5. Items purchased bought before the lock down cannot be returned after the lock down (i.e. bought and used for the lock down period only)

Important contact information:

  1. Finance:, Refunds & Exchanges cannot be processed during the lock down
  2. Sales & General Enquiries: (this email is sent to all our sales consultants)
  3. Services:
  4. Social media will not be monitored every day, please contact us via the above channels
  5. You may place online orders via Stock will be allocated and dispatched after the lock down.
  6. Tel: 011 704 6711 (please note that our land line will not be answered at all hours)


  1. We will have skeleton staff who will be able to attend to service requests. We will book services, and also assist customers as much as possible during lock down
  2. We cannot physically attend to any queries though, but we will do our best to problem solve via email, and over the phone


  1. All sales staff are still working remotely. We will be able to quote customers, do 3D drawings, and arrange deliveries for when the lock down is over.
  2. We will not dispatch anything whatsoever during the lockdown period


  1. At present our stock levels are very low due to a sudden demand in gym equipment before the lock down. We have a number of containers arriving whilst we are in lock down.
  2. Stock levels will normalise once the lock down is over. Please understand that COVID-19 has disrupted the entire supply chain from January (when China was on Lock Down), we anticipate that there will be some shipping delays due to the current lock down in South Africa.
  3. We have managed all these potential delays as much as possible.


  • MiFitness is closed to the public from now on until the lock down period is over
  • MiFitness cannot assist with any walk in customers, please do not visit our warehouse or sunninghill office, as no one will be available to assisst.
  • On the 26-03-2020, we will only be dispatching items. If we assist walk in customers, it disrupts our entire flow for getting orders out.
  • Absolutely no last minute installations can be accepted
  • Any online orders placed today on the 26-03-2020, have a risk of only being available for collection after the lock down period.
  • Our warehouse will close at 3pm today, to allow our staff time to prepare for the lockdown

We value every single customer, but we are the point that if we accept any more orders at this time, it will not be possible to process everything before the shutdown. We appreciate all the support we have received in the last few days.

Collect from JHB (Unit BM A1, Phase 2, Northlands Deco Park, New Market Road, North Riding, 2164)


  • Mifitness will be closed to the public from 25-03-2020.
  • What this means:
    • Our Sunninghill store will be closed. Please do not go there, as there will be no one to assist.
  • Operations will still commence, i.e. processing online sales etc, pre-arrange collections etc
  • This means you may only collect from MiFitness after placing a successful online order
  • Our deliveries are at capacity, so we cannot deliver any items for any customers.
  • All collections are for orders already placed.
  • Collect from JHB (Unit BM A1, Phase 2, Northlands Deco Park, New Market Road, North Riding, 2164)


  • Mifitness will be closed to the public from 25-03-2020
  • Operations will still commence, i.e. processing online sales etc, pre-arrange collections etc


Orders placed after 12pm on 24-03-2020 have to be collected at the below address:

Collect from JHB (Unit BM A1, Phase 2, Northlands Deco Park, New Market Road, North Riding, 2164)

To all our valued customers

We take note of the president’s address this evening.

Although it is difficult, we agree with the decisions that have been made. We hope that together as a nation, we can defeat this deadly virus.

We anticipate to have a sudden influx in home gym equipment purchases. Although our doors remain open to the public, we can only assist a number of customers at a specific time. Please avoid coming to our showrooms, as we cannot assist everyone at once.

We urge our customers to place orders online as soon as possible, to avoid disappointment. We will have extra vehicles on the road to do deliveries, and we will be doing deliveries after hours, until the nation-wide shutdown has commenced. Please note our extra drivers will only be doing deliveries in Gauteng.

All items ordered online that are out of Gauteng will be couriered and dispatched before the nationwide shutdown.

If you make contact, please do it via the following channels

Tel: 011 704 6711

Email:, this is sent to all our sales people

Order Online @

If you contact us via social media, there may be a delay in our response times


  • All deliveries will be drop offs only, no installations


To all our valued customers, please take note of the important information below.

MiFitness is taking every precaution possible, to minimize the spread of COVID-19. We implemented these precautions, not as a marketing tool, but rather because it is our social responsibility, we take this very seriously.

It is impossible to shut our doors completely, but we do need to take the necessary precautions for our customers, but also for our own employees.

There has been a sudden influx of customers and enquiries at once, including store visits. As a company we appreciate the support more than anyone knows, but we have a responsibility to limit contact and social interaction, whilst still remaining efficient. Our responsibility is to our customers and our employees equally.

The best way forward it to try limit contact as much as possible, whilst still providing our customers with the best possible service.

Precautions we have implemented:

For Employees:

  • All staff are screened every single day, using a contactless thermometer
  • Adequate sanitizer, masks and gloves are given. Masks and gloves are used when required
  • We are supplying private transport to staff that were using public transport, so we limit contact in public places
  • In addition, all other precautions have been implemented by the guidelines provided by Government
  • In some instances, MiFitness may only drop off equipment, and not install equipment

For Customers:

  • No signed POD’s. We simply state your name on proof of deliveries. We will be implementing a confirmation via a whatsapp voice recording.
  • After installations all equipment is sanitized.
  • Our drivers sanitize before and after every installation
  • All our staff are screened every single day

Showroom Visits (please avoid if possible):

  • We humbly ask our customers to avoid physically visiting our store unless it is absolutely necessary to view equipment.
  • Our entire company is still working, so we can attend to any queries over the phone, via email, or online orders
  • If you visit our showroooms / offices, you will be required to do the following
    • Please call ahead of the time, so we can prepare, and also make sure all the relevant products you are interested in are available
    • Sanitize when you arrive
    • We may check your temperature when you arrive with a no contact thermometer
    • If you are sneezing / coughing, you will be required to wear a mask
    • If you are feeling ill, please stay at home
    • If you have travelled overseas recently, please avoid visiting, and isolate. Please disclose this information
  • On Saturday’s, we only have 2 sales staff working. Please note that only two customers can be assisted at any one time, as we are not a retail store. If we have many customers at once, there will be a waiting period to be assisted.