One of the most popular pieces of gym equipment is the exercise bike, and rightly so! Indoor cycling has long been hailed as the perfect low-impact exercise that can help reduce stress levels and provides the user with an effective cardiovascular workout session. But in reality, the health benefits derived from exercise bikes extend far beyond the realm of cardio. So the next time you decide to hop on your exercise bike, plug in your earphones and pump out a good half-hour’s worth of activity on the machine, think about the points mentioned below. THESE are all the ways in which an exercise bike workout is helping your health and fitness:

Strength Building

Cycling targets most of the muscles in your lower body and with varying resistances offered by an exercise bike, you can take your strength training session to a whole new level of effectiveness. The constant contraction and expansion of muscles while cycling provides isotonic benefits while your core strength is increased and your stamina is given a well-needed boost.

Weight Loss

This should probably have landed on the top of this list, don’t you think? Using an exercise bike helps burn a lot of calories. Experts suggest that a 135 pound user can burn up to 500 calories from just an hour on an indoor bike. But that is not all! The combination of cardio and strength building provides fat burning and muscle mass increase – the double punch that every fitness freak yearns to achieve.

Joint mobility

An exercise bike is one of those rare fitness machines that puts a majority of your joints to work at the same time. Your ankles, knees, hip joints and depending upon how you use your hands, your shoulders, elbows and wrists are all affected by this type of workout. This helps in maintaining joint mobility, thereby improving your range of motion and overall strength.

Lower body shaping

Nothing can help tone your legs, thighs, and hips like cycling can. A simple session on an exercise bike puts your quads, calves, and glutes to work simultaneously. The result is effective targeting of hard-to-shape lower body areas like inner and outer thighs, hamstrings, calves, and buttocks. Those killer legs you wish you had are all possible with regular workouts on an indoor bike.

So what are you waiting for? Get an exercise bike for yourself today and start working those muscles out to fitness heaven!