Strength equipment, despite what it is called, is not just for strength building. Strength training machines can also help you develop overall fitness. While you are building your strength, you can also lose weight and improve muscle endurance. Consider buying the following types of strength equipment for your home gym:

Free weights

One of the most important exercises in strength training is weight lifting. If you are a beginner, you don’t need to buy a huge weight lifting apparatus immediately. You can simply start with kettlebells and dumbbells, which are lighter and easier to lift. Once you have developed some muscle strength, you can begin doing more challenging dumbbell and barbell exercises. Add more weight plates to your routine if you are ready to lift heavier free weights. Once you have collected several types of barbells and dumbbells, then you should invest in a rack. This will keep your home gym organized and safe.

Leg press and leg extension machines

Your strength training should also include lower body workouts. Some weight lifters and fitness enthusiasts buy leg presses or leg extension machines to effectively incorporate leg exercises into their routines. Both machines train your legs, but they engage the body in different ways. Leg press exercises require you to use both your knees and hip joints. While doing the exercise, your upper-leg muscles and hamstrings are engaged. Meanwhile, leg extension exercises will only require the use of your knee joint. It will help in building the strength of your quadriceps.


Strength training isn’t all about using specialized machines. You can also achieve your goals using simple accessories. Ab wheel, pull-up bars, and resistance bands are some of the essential strength equipment for building strength, endurance, muscle mass, and developing your overall fitness. Some types of strength training accessories such as wrist wraps and weight lifting belts are necessary for training because they provide extra support and ensure safety.