It’s kind of easy to get home gym equipment for bench pressing, but it can be tricky to do the actual exercise. You are probably reading this because you have experienced shoulder injuries or discomfort while bench pressing. Don’t worry, because by following these tips, you’ll get to spare your shoulders and even improve your bench press.

1. Protect your shoulders by enhancing your legs.

The bench press is an exercise not just for the upper part, but for the body as a whole. Your shoulders will have to endure less strain if you let your lower body do more work. When you set up, it’s best to spread your feet wide, and then drive them down into the floor. Push your feet as you start each rep. You’ll see that it’ll help you lift the bar off your chest.

2. ‘Hug’ the Bench.

Do this by pulling your shoulder blades together and then pulling them down. This should seem as if you are using your shoulders to ‘hug’ the bench. You should keep your shoulders in this form throughout the workout so that you’ll have a powerful platform to press from.

3. Keep you grip at shoulder width.

The wider your grip is, the more vulnerable your shoulders’ position will be. Narrow your grip as you remove the bar, and do not lose that position.

4. Pull before you push. 

You will really get hurt if you allow the bar to drop to your chest and bounce off your sternum. To prevent that from happening, it’s best to flex your upper-back muscles and pull the bar to your chest. After that, drive your upper back into the bench to push yourself away from the bar.

5. Get some rest.

This is perhaps the most important tip here. If you do not give your body enough rest, it won’t recover, grow, and become stronger. Give your body time to relax, because that’s when results are created.

Ready to bench press? Go ahead and purchase your home gym equipment now.