An exercise ball, also known as a Swiss ball, is one of the best creations in fitness and rehabilitation. It is made using soft elastic and entertains a diameter of 35 to 85cm respectively. An exercise ball is filled with air. Ever since its creation, it has garnered huge popularity among all fitness enthusiasts. As a result, you too can use an exercise ball in a regular workout routine to stay fit and healthy!

Here is why using an exercise ball can work in your favor:

For back and spine health:

If you want to maintain your back and spine health, it is recommended to use an exercise ball regularly. The major purpose of an exercise ball was to encourage back and spine health. You can use various exercises using this equipment and maintain overall spine health to stay fit and healthy.

The best way to use an exercise ball to maintain your spine health is to lay your whole body on the ball. This basic exercise will give you a lot of relief if you perform it regularly.

For core stability:

Whether it is Pilates or yoga, you can always use an exercise ball to maintain better core stability. Maintaining core strength has become extremely essential. These muscles help you stabilise and support all your movements.

Merely sitting on the exercise ball is enough to stabilise all your muscles and to help you connect with the center of gravity. You can also try to move your core farther from your body while maintaining balance.

For muscle balance:

If you want to ensure a proper muscle balance in your body, start working out on an exercise ball, and you will witness the positive results in no time. Your muscles need to work together to perform certain tasks and to create balance. Imbalance of the body muscles also leads to pain, poor posture, and other body discomforts.

You can use the core exercises for muscle balance as well. It is because strengthening your core complements strengthening your muscles. By doing some core movements regularly, you will be able to get rid of backache as well.

Apart from all these exercises, you can also try some advanced movements using an exercise ball. Get yours from any offline or online platform and start working out!