Weight plates are an integral accessory to gyms and other weight equipment. The fact that they provide a kind of resistance to the muscles when using them to work out makes them a highly effective equipment to use. There are so many things that people know about Olympic weight plates, and so many they don’t. The come in different weights, colors and sizes, sure…but are there any other catches? Here are interesting facts to know about weight plates.

Fact #1: Accuracy

The Olympic weight plates are manufactured to be highly accurate down to the last decimal. When you look at it, having the weight of one plate slightly off from the value won’t matter much individually – but with a group of plates, it will add up. Olympics competition cannot afford that, which is why accuracy is the main concern in weight plates.

Fact #2: Options in plates

Different types of Olympic weight plates include grip plates which have inbuilt handles, bumper plates that are especially made of solid rubber and designed to take falls and noise resistant plates which are encased in rubber and are also resistant to chips.

Fact #3: Compatibility

You may want to purchase Olympic bar for the simple fact that it will work well the Olympic plates. These bars have revolving ends so that exercises like squats, which create a rotation in grip, do not throw the balance off.

When you go out to purchase weight plates now, you are going to be equipped with a load of good information and interesting facts about them. Shop today.