Important Updates 19-07-2021

  • Couriers and Deliveries in all areas in South Africa have resumed, including KZN.

Important Updates 17-07-2021

  • We are currently experiencing little to no disruptions to any deliveries and couriers across all areas, except for KZN.
  • We will start dispatching orders to KZN as soon as the routes have opened. This is a moving target, but we anticipate that calm has been restored. There will be a backlog amongst all logistics companies, and there will be be delays as can be expected.
  • The Durban Port is starting to reopen, we again anticipate delays, and backlogs. But there is progress in the port reopening, and products and goods moving to their destinations.
  • We will start delivering outside of Gauteng, but at this stage, our teams will not be conducting deliveries to KZN. We believe this situation will change soon, as more calm is restored.

Important Updates 13-07-2021

A message from our CEO, Roland Steyn.

We are currently monitoring the situation across the country very closely, in relation to the Pandemic as well as all the current Protests in various parts of the country.

  • Durban Ports are currently closed – This is where all our shipments come from. The N3 is also currently closed. We anticipate there will be delays on receiving our new shipments, as there will be backlogs thereafter. This does not affect items currently in stock.
  • Currently we will not be sending any of our teams outside of Gauteng, because of the risks associated, and with all the road closures.
  • All couriers outside of Gauteng, especially to KZN will be delayed
  • Gauteng deliveries at the moment are as per normal, we are not experiencing many delays with deliveries. High risk areas, may be delayed or suspended, until they are safe to deliver to.
    • In saying this, we are however ensuring that staff do not work after hours (i.e. after 5pm), we want to ensure they are able to get home safely.

We are doing a level best to balance the safety of our employees, and serve our customers as best as possible.

Aristotle: β€œThe whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” This quote is especially true at this moment. What is happening in our country at the moment does not represent the majority, in times like this we need to remember this. These acts of violence do not represent South Africans.

On behalf of MiFitness, we want to wish every single person strength and courage in this difficult time.